XTrade, a broker



At XTrade, we are working professionals with extensive experience in financial markets, which not only gives great security to investors who come for advice, but has also allowed the creation of a platform for agile investment and has with all necessities to make the best financial business tools.


This professionalism is evident in the manner in which financial operations are carried out, provided transparently and without hidden fees, applying very low fees and the investor can know beforehand. The online platform comes with twenty-four hours a day support so that regardless of time or place in the world from which you are connected, there will always be a support in case of technical problems.


Transparency, one of the keys at XTrade

Among the principles governing Broker XTrade highlights its transparency. In carrying out financial transactions on its platform, the trader always has a clear view of what is being done, how each of its options work and how much you are paying and why in each of the sections.


As with most brokers, XTrade offers a number of steps to attract new customers. Its main attraction is a broad portfolio of financial products that allow investors to move around the grounds that where you are more comfortable without being limited. But it also highlights the economic, and numerous large amount of bonds.


Currently, XTrade bonuses for the first deposit made can reach 100%, i.e. it is possible to double the money for investments, thanks to the fantastic welcome bonuses this broker provides.


XTrade offers bonuses for confirmation of telephone number, a first insured investment, a bond to verify the account or special promotions for VIPs. Every investor, entering for the first time; you can see what you will get in your welcome pack, which is always accompanied by a training package to guide you in your first steps as an investor.



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