TRADEQUAL. Fair Broker

My friend called Keith, just spoke me about a fair broker, Peer to Peer, ( Trader vs Trader ).   Tradequal earns  2% fees for each winning option.


I decided to open a real account last March, the 10th 2016.


The application form is very easy to do it, and to verify my ID, I uploaded my passport and a consumption electricity bill to Tradequal . The same day, my account was activated.


I deposited 252 EUR from my Neteller account.

Tradequal ingreso 252 euros

And… I was ready to trade!!!


I made some trades. Some with profit and others with losses.

The trades who I won, they were winners because my analysis was right, and the trades who I lost, they were loossers becouse my analysis was not right, but it never because of broker made traps to does me lose.

Tradequal History

Last 15/03/2016, in the morning,  I decided to do a withdrawal of 200 USD. In the afternoon, my  money was deposited to my Neteller account.

Tradequal Retiro 15-3-2016

Last 15/03/2016, a trader had bet hard to Euro rise, so the PUT option trading upward, until 110%, and I decided to bet 15 USD, and I had a good result.

Ganar 110 %

The Tradequal options expire after 60 minutes, and you can bet 5 minutes before the bet expired. Last five minutes to maturity, the market is closed.


The platform has a interactive chat where the traders can exchange information.


The broker is regulated under the Sant Vicente y las Granadinas´s FSA law, and they are processing the opening offices in London.


You can see articles published in Eleconomista, Yahoo and Financemagnates.


In Youtube, yo can see a video about the company.


I have spoken with Mss Camila. She is a account manager who speaks Spanish by telephone, by Skype, and by mail. She has kindness, speeding, and  professionalism.



Welcome to the binary options´ social network TRADEQUAL


TRADEQUAL is the unique binary options´platform Peer to Peer.


Tradequal is the unique binary options´platform of third generation, designed for traders with experience who they search earn money like a professional trader, into an environment of fair trading. One of the new features of this broker is the trader can make their own options, ( Writing and selling options ). It gives them the opportunity to do like a broker. The traders have the total control.

The broker promotes you can to trade into an environment friendly Peer to Peer Trading. The broker has a chat room where traders can share opinion, information, etc between them.


Tradequal is near to get the Cysec regulation just like ordening European Union laws.


Tradequal is the best binary option´s platform when the traders with experience can maximize the earns, and they can minimize their risk.


Tradequal gives you the opportunity to take total control at the moment to made “Writing Orders”, because the trader can defines its terms of each option.


When you write an option “Write an option” you can configure the risk level and your earnings. Write an option it is very easy.  You have to choose an active,  you have to choose expiration time, and percentage of earnings, and the total you want to risk in each trade.


Basically, the trader act as a broker, and the options that was made, you can see on the active´s column.. So, the others traders can see them, and they can buy them.


If the option expires in favor of the buyer, the writer pays the amount set as risk, but if the option expires in favor of the writer, this one wins the amount the buyer invests in this option. The earnings in the Tradequal´s platform can overcome 125% of the invest.


The Market´s volatility made a great oportunities when the trader make the own his binary options, Writing options. When a trader made his own options Writing and selling options allows to the traders calculate the risk, and having a balance about the markets exposition.


Tradequal is a broker of third generation and it makes a new way to do trading fairly. It offer you an unlimited possibilities to earn more trading Binary options with Writing Options system.











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