Keystock, over 25 years of experience in the financial market

Keystock is a broker that offers a lot of confidence because it has a long history behind its back. During the last quarter of a century, Keystock has helped millions of investors to realize their financial dreams and now can do the same with you.
Actions, exchange, Indexes, raw materials, bonds or CFDs are the products with which you can operate through this prestigious broker that flies as its main flag the good service to the customers and the care in the relationship with them; always offering a plus and that is what differentiates it from the competitors.
Keystock operates with three different platforms; a special platform for mobile phones, for personal computers and, of course, also operates MetaTrader 4, the platform of investment mostly used in the world.
Account Types
There are different types of accounts at keystock. The more money invested, the more privileges are obtained; although such privileges are always aimed to cover the greatest needs that investors have at the higher level.
For example, customers with the exclusive account enjoy the newly daily analysis, which certainly does not need an investor mini. This means that each account has exactly what you need for the reverse type for which it is intended.
Mini Account is the perfect account for those investors who are just beginning. Part of thousand of Euros and with that money can be made small businesses that help to take experience and training in financial investments.
This account provides daily information for the investor, specific platforms to be able to operate from different devices, customer care for five days a week and twenty-four hours a day.
It also offer the possibility of access to training courses from the most basic levels to guide the first steps of any investor without experience, until more advanced seminars.
Standard account. The standard account is intended to perform advanced trading operations. It is for expert investors to handle the account with a minimum of 5,000 Euros. In addition to all the benefits of the mini account, are also the signals.
EXCLUSIVE ACCOUNT. Intended for expert investors; the VIP will be able to negotiate more than 20,000 Euros. In addition to the services enjoyed until now, there is a unique customer service and a very special daily analysis.
Demo Account
If you want to start to trade with keystock and see how it works but do not want to risk real money, you can open a demo account completely free. This account will be worth taking your first steps in the investments without those potential errors as a beginner.
But with the Demo account, you will also be able to test the new strategies you developed once you’re ready to perform the actual trading.
Other tools
In addition to everything seen so far, Keystock offers other tools that are very useful to any investor:
An introductory book. This book is completely free and allows you to download without having to register with the page. Given that it is a very short book to facilitate an outlet of initial contact with the trading.
Economic calendar. In order to be able to operate, basic economic calendar is one of the most complete and easier interpretation of the market.
In addition, for all customers who choose to associate and perform safer investments, there are two different options:
White Label. Perfect for the small investor who will have a specialized team to guide each of its steps.
BI. For professional investors who want to be associated with keystock


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